Recycling Recovery Service

How does it work and what are the benefits?

  • Recycling Recovery:

Team Recycle LLC will be on site 6 days a week, Sunday through Friday, to sort your garbage and recycling dumpsters. Preventing contaminated bins and maximizing recycling.

  • Large Item and Toxic Materials Removal:

Items inappropriate for bin disposal, such as appliances and furniture, are removed FREE OF CHARGE.

Team Recycle will also dispose of toxic materials like paint, bulbs, and batteries FREE OF CHARGE.​

  • Waste Management:

Your dedicated Team Recycle driver will also monitor and report waste issues, like illegal dumping and drug use, to management.

We sweep and blow out the enclosures as needed, ensuring they stay clean and sanitary.

What will it cost me?
     Team Recycle LLC can sometimes offer our service at no additional cost to what you already pay for just your garbage service.
     Yes, to the surprise of some of our clients we have been able to offer our service in addition to their existing garbage service for the same price they already pay for their garbage service alone.
 Team Recycle LLC’s service does not replace your current garbage company but we work in unison with them. We keep your existing garbage company, while implementing our daily maintenance service. We also pay your garbage bill for you.
     When extra pickups are needed, we cover the cost entirely. In teaming up with us, you can count on a set monthly garbage amount that never fluctuates, so you can budget confidently.